About Metal Straws Set


We consume over 10 million plastic straws every day in Australia alone, many of which end up in the ocean. There’s no question that plastic straws have a devastating impact on the environment.

Make a change with Reusable Straws featuring our most popular colours and made from durable stainless steel so that your metal straws last longer.

In a pack you’ll get a straight, bent and wide metal straw, which you can use for enjoying drinks such as juices, smoothies, bubble teas and more. In the set you’ll also get a handy carry pouch and a straw cleaner.

Key features

1 – 8mm straight Black straw
1 – 8mm bent Rainbow straw
1 – 12mm wide Rose Gold straw
1 cleaner, 1 carry pouch
Made from durable stainless steel material

Metal Straw Set

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