This ones our favourite. Crushed rose quartz crystal sand, added to give your body that extra exfoliation! 

Made with luxury body butter, coconut oil, apricot oil, exfoliating extracts & a beautiful delicate blend of floral & Sweet essential blend! 

Each body polish come with a rose quartz tumble stone. 

Infused with a large rose quartz palm stone to add to your bath water. Rose Quartz the stone of love, let it help bring your vibrations higher and allow self love to inhibit the body. 

Directions - For use in the shower. Simply use a small amount to lather on the skin, in circular motion. Creating a soapy texture while exfoliating the skin. Use twice a week. 


Ingredients - Natural body shea butter, organic coconut sugar. Ground crystal sand. Apricot oil, coconut oil. Natural essential oil. 


Bliss Me Shower self love scrub

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